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Pole Dance

Welcome to our sensual side, this class introduces you to the world of pole dance! You will be encouraged to let loose and explore what feels good to your body. We focus on the feeling pole dance gives you, not the perfect instagram photo. We start all students on a static (non-spinning pole) for safety. Don't worry, no dance experience is needed, you will learn the basic pole walk, knee hooks, proper hand and foot placement for many other pole moves and basic spins.

All students are required to completed all 4 weeks of the intro series before moving up to either beginner static, or spin pole foundations. 

Aerial Silks, aka fabrics or tissu, are two silks or pieces of fabric suspended in the air that are used to do different poses, drops, climbs and more. All students new to silks must take our 4-week intro series to learn your basic climbs, knots and foot locks. Silks is where strength and flowy flight collide, but no you do not have to be able to do a pull up or have upper body strength to start.

Once students complete the 4-week intro you are welcome to move up to beginner aerial silks. 

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Aerial Silks

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Lyra, aka aerial hoop, is a metal hoop suspended in the air. This apparatus is very beautiful and aetherial, with so many possibilities! You will learn different ways to get in and our of the hoop, as well as poses below, in and above the hoop. This is a great total body workout that really focuses on finding your core and balance in the air. All students with no prior hoop experience start with our 4-week intro series then are welcome to move up to beginner Lyra.

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New Student Special

Come try out whatever interests you the most! Our new student special allows you one month of unlimited classes for $99.


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