Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just try pole/silks once? We strongly discourage just trying one aerial or pole class because there is a lot to learn movement and safety wise. We start everyone with a 4-week series to help you build a good foundation and fully understand what is involved in the aerial arts. It can feel very uncomfortable on your body just trying silks or pole once, but we promise it gets much more comfortable and less ouch-y very quickly. You didn't learn to ride a bike in one day and you probably didn't love it the first time you tried... its very much the same with the aerial arts. Challenging, but very rewarding. 

Parking: Is not an issue! We are in the Valvoline/Nestico's Too plaza right in-between Vision Works and T-Mobile facing the main road so their are lots of spots available. 

Attire: For Silks or Lyra we suggest leggings and a t-shirt or layers. You will want some coverage for your skin. For Pole, shorts and a tank top, or pole hot shorts and a bra are also welcome. As long as you are comfortable and secure in your outfit! Exposed skin helps your stick to the pole. 

What to bring: Water, you will be working out after all! You are also welcome to bring a towel or yoga mat for your comfort. 

Etiquette: Please be 5-10 mins early for your class to check in and get settled. Please be aware of any personal odors or strong perfumes, as the silks are fabric and absorb odor over time, please help us preserve them by limiting perfumes/oils and using deodorant. No jewelry, it can be uncomfortable for you and damage all of our equipment, particularly rings and bracelets. No street shoes are allowed in the studio past the check-in area. Lastly, bring a good attitude! We know aerial arts can be challenging and everyone advances at their own rate. We are all here to support each other and respect where our bodies are at today.