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Welcome to the Studio

Welcome new friend! Not sure where to start? We got you! If you're interested in silks, pole, heels or all of it, keep on scrolling and we'll walk you through what Studio 360 is all about and all the classes and levels we offer. We suggest you grab a class package to start, to be able to try a little of everything we offer. and save yourself some money. Not ready to commit to a handful of classes? We offer drop-in rates for all our beginner level classes. 

While we offer drop-in classes are are unable to offer walk-in spots. Be sure to sign up for your class ahead of time! We are unable to sign you up in the studio for a class as we don't staff a front desk.  

How our levels and classes flow...

Beginner Friendly Classes:

New to pole and aerials? Start with one of these classes:

  • Intro to Pole

  • Intro to Silks

  • Intro to Lyra/all levels Lyra

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Cheeky Chair

  • Floor Fckry (friday pop-up class)

  • Hammock

How our levels work:

Each of our leveled classes is designed to help you safely learn and progress physically and mentally. If you don't have previous aerial experience you'll start out in an intro level class. Once you have gained the strength and knowledge in the intro class your instructor will give you the ok to level-up. 

Not sure if a class is right for you? Just reach out and ask before signing up!

What to wear:

Something you are comfortable in! For silk or lyra based classes you want your skin covered, leggings and a tank top or t-shirt are best. For pole based classes, you need skin to stick to the pole, shorts and a tank top or sports bra are best.

We do have a dress code in our studio, so wear what make you feel good, however our insurance does require nipples and genitals remain covered at all times, regardless of your birth sex. 

Please read our studio policies, including our cancelation polices, here. 

Additional class offerings:

Once you have moved pasted intro level, with your instructor's approval, we offer multiple levels of classes as well as more unique classes like heels or somatic movement base classes. Interested in heels? Check out this info before purchasing your heels.

If you have previous pole or aerial experience, please reach out to confirm what level is appropriate for you!

Take a peek in the studio...

What our members have to say about the studio...

Text or Email us

Getting to your class:

Dollar Tree Fairmount Plaza

*next to T-Mobile

4107 W Genesee St

Syracuse NY 13219


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