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  1. No street shoes beyond reception area.

  2. No rings, bracelets or long necklaces allowed.

  3. Please check yourself in for class on the check-in tablet in reception.

  4. Show respect for all fellow students and staff.

  5. Pick up after yourself and clean your equipment, when appropriate.

  6. Please arrive on time for your class, if anyone is more then 15 minutes late for a class they will be turned away for their own safety.  

  7. Please be mindful of all strong body odors, perfumes and body oils as any strong smell or lotion will linger on equipment.

  8. Only register for level appropriate classes and abide by all open studio guidelines. Check in with your instructor if you are unsure of what level you are at. Failure to do so will result in removal from classes for your own safety.

  9. No refunds for any classes or packages. Please understand as a small business we still have to pay for refunds. If something comes up we are happy to work with you to give you an appropriate class credit, 

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